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Levi Schwiethale


“I was raised by parents who regularly took me to church and taught me to love the Bible. I continued to learn Bible at Christian school and even participated in Bible competitions as a young child. I became very involved in church youth group and was later elected to be the President of the Christian club at my college. Upon graduating, I trained to become a pastor for a year before going on my first trip to Israel as a volunteer. I was absolutely hooked! I took 9 trips to Israel in 3 years, volunteering until I joined that organization’s staff as the Executive Assistant to the President & Founder. I met my Beloved Wife Raivita in the Vineyards of Samaria and we later had our wedding among those same vineyards, on the Mount of Blessing, Har Bracha, Israel. Going to Israel changed my life dramatically and opened my eyes to see that we are literally living out the pages of the Bible - right now! I want my whole life to be in alignment with G-D’s True and Living Word!”

  • Nick Parsons

  • Caleb Waller

  • Samuel Wearp

  • Joseph Williams

BIO's Coming Soon....

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